Brandon and Zack

The other night I was given the privilege of having 90210 reruns playing on the television while I did my homework. I couldn’t help but listen and observe the ever famous Brandon Walsh (aka Jason Priestley). I couldn’t help but notice similarities that Brandon had with the ever famous Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell). Below you will read my observations, feel free to add to the list…

Their hair is crazy fluffy and wavy
Parents LOVE them both
Ladies LOVE them
They both worked at a beach club for a summer
They both had HOT best friends (AC Slater and Dylan McKay)

Both married girls named Kelly (Taylor and Kapowski)
They always tend to meet a different girl per episode
Dance really awkwardly
One of the most popular kids in school (Bayside and West Beverly)

I’m sure there are more….?

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