Castle for Sale

This castle is for sale in MA. It's 60,000 square feet, has 7 floors, a dungeon, 40 rooms, and 36 fireplaces. I have always wanted to live in a castle, not just because it's a huge house, but for these reasons as well.

10) With a castle usually comes large gardens and a nearby enchanted forest. This means lots of nearby animals to hang out with.
9) Some castles are haunted...that creeps me out but it's kind of cool. There is always a history attached to a castle.
8) There are probably a bunch of secret hallways, hidden walls, secret bookcases, secret hideaways....
7) I think gargoyles are fun
6) There is probably a huge library full of books to choose from. I would like one that has vaulted ceilings...ones so high that I would need one of those sliding ladders to have access to the books.
5) Castles are usually associated with fantasy and imagination...which is always fun
4) It would be so fun to be inside a castle when there is a thunder and lightning storm outside.
3) There is usually a mote and drawbridge involved with a castle (however, the one in MA does not have a mote)
2) Castles remind me of Europe, and I love Europe. I feel so at home in Europe and back east...
And the #1 reason I would like to live in a castle.....
1) The round rooms! I LOVE round rooms!

Famous castles that I like:
The castle from Beauty in the Beast
The castle from the Secret Garden
The castle from Marie Antoinette
The castle from Sleeping Beauty

Castles I've been to (and like a lot):

Malahide Castle (Ireland)
Blenheim Palace (UK)
Buckingham Palace (UK)
Windsor Castle (UK)
Warwick Castle (UK)
Castell de Bellver (Spain)
The Tower of London (UK)
Heart Castle (USA, San Simeon)

But - if you're looking for a castle to purchase go here here...and if you purchase one make sure to invite me over.


Luke St.Hilaire said...

i cant comment on fortune cookie says, so i'll say it here

was the guy brandon muchow

Randy said...

so here are the top ten reasons why i like castles

10. Castles are usually associated with knights. Knights have armor. I like armor.
9. Castles are mostly related to the middle ages... I would love to have seen what life was like back then.
8. Since castles were built for defense, they have cannons.. (Cannons to the left of me, Cannons to the right of me...) I like Guns and cannons are big versions of medeival guns. I like Hearst Castle... its fun.

(I kinda am over writing out 10 reasons...)