Globally "Cool" Transportation...?

I've seen this car in a few movies but never read up about them, I was looking at the website this morning. Apparently they're the new "cool" thing on the street; but I have a few observations about this car / motorcycle / vespa / tricycle:

1) Since there is no room for other passengers, will this be a hit with parents of new drivers? (You can still drive in the carpool lane since it's electric)...
2) It looks about the size of a Mini Cooper, but when it gets into an accident will it crumble?
3) If I were a midget, would I consider purchasing this vehicle?
4) Would I really spend $25,000.00 on a vehicle that I can barely fit my backpack into?
5) In the FAQ section of this website it notes what you may be "looking for" in a car. They say, "If you're looking for a car that will emphasize who you really are -- then you are looking for an NmG." Does that mean you're a "small" person? One of the "little" people? ("We'll let the little people drive it.")

Weird vehicle, I don't plan on purchasing one anytime soon. If you want to purchase one, you can probably pick it up and put it in your current car and drive it home. Here's the website...click here.


Luke St.Hilaire said...

um, what movies was this...thing in?

i've never seen it before

Angerson said...

The movie was Austin Powers, Goldmember. I think all those bad men drove around in gold ones...totally tacky. yuck. BUT - at least they were environmentally "cool" in their underground "lair"