Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

Okay, so am I the only one who was totally pissed off after watching the season finale last night? I was not only sad, mad, but totally disappointed -- but very shocked! Tragic ending to the season... Here are some of my observations/questions:
1) Christina looked amazing in her dress!
2) Meredith needs to SUCK IT UP AND MARRY MCDREAMY
3) What's George going to do now that he can't be a doctor?
4) Is Kalli REALLY the new chief? If so, how is she going to be chief AND have a baby? I guess George will be mommy...
5) I'm glad George didn't say he loved Izzy. Izzy needs to BACK OFF!
6) I'm glad face girl isn't staying on the show as Alex's new GF.
7) Addison needs to leave. She's done...but McSteamy can stay.

Oh tv...

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