I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

So I’ve never had a real plant before. I’ve had fake ones, but no “real” ones. Well, my 2nd week at my job I got a “welcome” plant from one of my new co-workers. Of course, within a week it was dying. Another co-worker mentioned that she actually talks to her plants in the morning (“Good morning,” “You look beautiful today,” and “I love you little plant.”) I thought she was crazy. But, I decided to start talking to my plant (Benny) every morning. Lo and behold, he came back to life.
I went away all last week, had someone water Benny, when I came back he was very droopy and sad :( As soon as I saw him I started talking to him, and by the end of the day new leaves sprouted! This morning I came in and MORE have sprouted. OK – call me crazy, but I think it works!!!

In conclusion, if you have a dying plant, just follow these action steps:
1) Give him a name, sometimes “plant” can be discriminatory
2) Hug your plant
3) Talk nicely to your plant

The power of encouragement and affirmation is powerful, even to our little eukaryote friends! IT’S AMAZING!!!


Alan said...

Do you suppose that my pudge will go away if I stop talking to it? Is that the secret?

Joe Pena said...

"action steps" haha. that is funny. I wonder if that co-worker was saying bad things to your plant when you were gone...fishy.

Courtney said...

ohh my GOSH ANGE!!! I am cracking up. One, because I can actually hear you in my head talking to Benny and Two, because you have to be CRAZY! Good think I love you anyways.

Anonymous said...

so... what about the rose plant i gave you two valentine's days ago? oh, angerson! did you kill that one, too?

Luke St.Hilaire said...

nice vocab for one

"eukaryote". wow

2 - having an actual living plant is to stressful