Never satisfied...

Whenever I'm on vacation I tend to be picky about specific things, and sometimes I just want to be comfortable. For example, while in DC this week my brother and I have been saying one of the following statements at least every 15 min...
- I'm hungry
- I'm exhausted
- I'm so flippin hot
- It's freezing in here
- I'm so full I'm going to burst
It's pretty awesome and kind of lame that we're so picky. But, I guess on vacation you're allowed to be. Right?

I am so excited about a couple things here...I know, I get happy about weird things. Like, in the lobby there are these big things of water with fruit in them.

I had like 14 glasses yesterday while waiting for the shuttle....cuz it's soooooo good. I was also super excited to go to the International Spy Museum today...I felt totally sneaky and willing to go undercover and SPY...so fun

Good times in DC.


amersons said...

remember? they have those at the esmerelda hotel in palms springs, too! delicious. i would like a glass of fruity water RIGHT NOW!!!

come home, please. it's not fun here without you. :(

Matt McGill said...

i went to the spy museum. it was cool. and long.