The Dundies

I was just watching an old episode of The Office, "The Dundies". Here are the things I love about this episode:

1. Great name for a company awards show...Dunder Miflin Dundies. Awesome.
2. Angela gets the "Tight Ass" award.
3. Michael talks about "TMI"...and gives us the definition
4. In the tapes of past Dundie awards, Michael is wearing a tuxedo printed tshirt.
5. Pam gets WASTED and in the process gets banned from all Chili's restaurants.

And the best part....
Ryan the temp gets the "Hottest in the Office" award and gets a congratulations tap on the ass from Michael.

Great episode, if you haven't checked it out please do. In fact, here are some deleted scenes from this episode.

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amersons said...

is that the one that pam gets "longest engagement?" aren't there two dundies episodes? i miss the office.