How many things do you NOT do in response to fear? I know that in my life right now there is something I'm not doing because of fear. Fear is inevitable in life, but it's what we choose to do WITH the fear that means something. Someone wise once said, "Courage is moving forward in spite of your fear."
Fear is laziness. Fear is prideful. Fear is a box. Fear is paralyzing. Fear keeps you in limbo. Fear stops us from following our dreams and aspirations.
I've always been afraid of being fearful, I've compensated by always trying to not let fear overtake. It hasn't, except in very few circumstances. Why is it that children are so fearless and the older we get the fear creeps inside us?
If fear comes inside your heart and your head, and you let it fester, it will stop you from doing something great.
The end.


mynameischief said...

I completely agree. I have been stopped by fear before and it's usually those moments that I regret. I think the older we get we come to realize that we aren't going to live forever and for most that's a scary thought.

Anonymous said...

I think in some respects I think fear is taught. The fear of sharks, the fear of spiders (our father)- we don't have any fear of these things until someone tells us that they are no good- be afraid. But on the other hand some fears are a survival mechanism- gets us out of trouble- a bad neighborhood, a bad person...etc. I that sense Its a gift. Those are my thoughts.