YOU lock it up

For the past 6 weeks I've been working on this massive project for the PD Student Leadership Conference at Saddleback. This past week was the "main event" for us, and it went soooo amazing. I am actually stunned (although I shouldn't be) at how much God blessed the event and how good it turned out. The feedback we've received has been super positive; it makes the long tireless hours all worth it.

There are a few things I noticed going back to my old place of employment for this event:
1) Several people who work there thought I was still on staff at Saddleback.
2) I felt like I never left staff; I called and worked with a lot of the same people I did before -- it was fun
3) 2 of my worlds collided: my old job and my new job (almost everyone from Open Doors was there for the event). That was weird and fun at the same time.

A few other things I've noticed:
I have become much more passionate about high schoolers.......passions can be spread out amongst many places - just because you're passionate about one thing, it doesn't take away passion for another......I am very much a multi tasking person......and God truly blesses you if you are in his will for your life. It's like, why wouldn't he bless us for our efforts if we're obeying him? I keep forgetting that, I think that's a lot of what faith is supposed to do for us but we try to keep everything under our control.

This was the most in control event I've had in a while; yet I felt completely out of control the whole time. I'm not sure exactly what that means...

Anyways, I'm glad it's over but it was sooo fun in the meantime. We got to teach high schoolers about persecuted Christians around the world by "locking them up" for several hours -- how awesome:)


Courtney said...

You guys did such an amazing job, it was emotional and poweful even for those who didn't partipate.

kaylarayla said...

Seriously, it was amazing! Thanks so much for putting it on!

Anonymous said...

i still thought u were on STAFF!