Glorious, relaxing, soothing, peaceful...

Just describe some of the words I felt last Tuesday. I treated myself to day at Glen Ivy. Here are 8 things:

1) I've never been there before
2) I haven't played in mud since I was a kid
3) Nobody has ever painted me with sea weed and aloe before (the thing with the stuff)
4) I love the drastic change in temperature when I go from a 200 degree room to a chilled misty room w/ ice cold water and apples.
5) Going with a BFF is really awesome
6) It's in the middle of no where
7) I love that there are multiple pools w/ different water levels & temperatures
8) There is an ample amount of towels at your disposal. Together, Amy and I used about 73 of them.

All in all, it was a great day, and I REALLY needed it!

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