White paper package tied up with saran wrap

I got this in the mail today:

Totally busted apart and torn up on the outside, but inside were a few hundred letters that high schoolers wrote to 5 persecuted Christians around the world; letters to 2 people in Nigeria, 1 in Iraq, 1 in China, and 1 in Indonesia. [Open Doors always has letter writing campaigns, and these students wrote during the PD conference].

I read about 50 of them...here's a portion of one of my favorite's...

"What an honor it must be to be persecuted for Christ's sake. I am sorry the only support we can hand over is this letter, but we can also lend our prayers...God is watching over all of us and smiles when a brave soul, such as yours, decides to act accordingly to His will....we may never shake hands, speak to each other, embrace one another, or even welcome another's smiles, but we will see, praise, dance, since, and worship his His home, house, presence one day..."

That really encouraged me, and was the best part of my day:)

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thats cool!!