Yes I'm Ready

To turn off the air conditioning
To trade in my tank tops for sweatshirts
To see my cold breath

Yes, I'm ready..
For the sun to go away
For the rain to pour
For the leaves to fall
For the winter jackets
For the warm mittens
For snowboarding season
For Thanksgiving and Christmas
For winter Starbucks drinks

Are you ready?


Courtney said...

then go to Argentina, but please don't take my sunshine away!!!!

Kayla.Rae said...

Definitely, Winter is my very favorite!

b.hurst said...

air conditioning? yeah right.

but yes, i love wearing jackets.

Ryanne said...

I was born ready. I am so over summer.

Gracie said...

I am ready too! I hope it's a rainy season this fall/winter!