I went to my first USC game on Saturday. So fun! I loved the atmosphere before the game and all the traditions that people uphold (that Trojan guy, kicking the light posts, walking into the stadium all together, all the alumni standing the whole game, etc.) They played the Washington St. Cougars and totally killed them! (41 - 14)

It rained off and on, but in the middle of the game a full rainbow appeared and literally went over the entire stadium! It was amazing.


The Josh said...

USC is amazing, but it woulda been really funny to see them loose every game this season... o well

Joe Pena said...

It was definetly a fun experience. I wish i would have eaten one of those hot dogs wrapped in bacon. maybe i can get one at wienerschinzel.

correction: It is the Washington St. Cougars not Washington Cougars.