Family Force 5

So I went to the Family Force 5 show at Chain Reaction tonight. I went to promote the HIV/AIDS Global Summit at Saddleback... I had never heard FF5's music before...here is what I observed:
- it was punk meets metal meets funky fresh
- the like to do the running man
- they really don't care if they look like fools on stage
- they have a ton of hard core fans
- there music is pretty catchy and fun
- they like to wear funny weird costumes
- their audience was 10 year olds to adults

After the show as I was being a flyer-passer-outer, I got some amazing comments:
Loud teenage boy: "No -- I don't need to go to this conference, I'm saving myself till marriage!"
Another loud boy: "So, are you like, celebrating World AIDS Day?"

Good concert. Good conversations. Good times.

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