I'm it

Got tagged by my bro. Mandatory 3 words per answer...

1. Where is your cell phone? On my bed

2. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend or Husband/Wife? totally non existent

3. Where is one of your parents? Playing the piano

4. Cheesecake? Factory at Spectrum

5. Your favorite thing to do? Fill out survey’s

6. Your dream last night? Something really awkward

7. Your favorite drink? Ice cold coke

8. The room you're in? My pretty bedroom

9. George Bush? Stuttering Texas Junior

10. What you're good at? Traveling, reading, laughing

11. One of your wish list items? New tmobile Dash

12. Where did you grow up? Lots of places

13. The last thing you did? Packed my car

14. What are you wearing? Leopard print PJ’s

15. What kind of car do you see yourself as? Pimped Range Rover

16. Ketchup? Better than mustard

17. Your computer? On my lap

18. Your life? Always a surprise

19. Your mood? Up and down

20. Your next blog? Not tomorrow, sorry

21. Your car is? Needing oil change

22. Your summer? Ready for winter

23. Your relationship status? Friends are great!

24. Your favorite color(s)? Changes every week

25. When is the last time you laughed? 1 min. ago
I tag Fake Rick. Just kidding, I tag courtney smith and julie hibbard.

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