Redefining Burrito's

Every Halloween Chipotle does this thing where you can get a FREE burrito IF you come in dressed like a burrito. Now, here's the thing. I love Chipotle, one of my favorite places to go. However, how would one go about dressing up like a burrito? I've been thinking about it and here are my ideas:

  • Wrap your whole body in aluminum foil
  • Scotch tape tortilla's all over your body
  • Get a 5 ft. piece of butcher paper, draw a burrito on it, and tape it on your body
  • Get a creamed colored blanket, drape it on the back half of your body, wear a black shirt, brown pants, white makeup, and red mittens.
  • Wrap the bottom half of your body in aluminum foil, and wear a tshirt that says: carne asada, beans, sour cream, cheese, and corn salsa.

How would you dress up like a burrito?


Gracie said...

I think this is a good question for the question blog. :)

Luke St.Hilaire said...

carne asada? who are you kidding


those are the 2 best meat options for your burrito. if you havent tried these, then you are seriously missing out on life