Stop, Drop, and Roll

Having a fire so close to me makes me think of many many things...

If we're evacuated where do we take our animals?
Do we go to work during those days?
How are we notified when we can go back home if we're evacuated?
Are gas stations open during these times?
Why would someone deliberately start a fire? How lame...
Our house doesn't have an evacuation plan posted...
There isn't one fire extinguisher in my house. I should get one.
Since the wind is all blowing towards the ocean, how is the weather in Catalina?
Since they evacuated that jail on Bake -- where did all those inmates go?? Did they all get divided to other jails? Doesn't it take a long time to book someone?? Did they have enough buses to transport everyone?

Here's a pic of me driving to work this morning. That's the spectrum. This whole thing makes me uneasy...I know we'll be fine, but it still makes me nervous.

I'm praying for rain...are you?

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