13 things I like about nice hotels.

1. The toilet paper folding thing the maids do.

2. Twice a day housekeeping.

3. Free coffee / drinks in the lobby.

4. Free fruit at the front desk.

5. Baby ketchup bottles.

6. Totally cheesy stores that sells old people clothes and really expensive crap.

7. Room service.

8. DVD player and plasma screen in the room.

9. Free candies in the room.

10. Spacious bathrooms.

11. Making it 60 degrees and keeping it there because.

12. We can pretty much ask for anything, and they bring it. ex: 10 pillows, a fork, another trash can, etc.

13. Free shoe shine (which, by the way...I am taking advantage of this service; my shoes are hanging in the bag on my door)...

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amersons said...

remember when we got them to bring up chocolates and a fork at the marriott? that was awesome.