I read the book Go Ask Alice when I was in junior high; I remember loving it and being terrified at the same time. I had forgotten about it till I saw it in Urban Outfitters Saturday; I bought it and just finished reading it that night. Again, I loved it and was terrified by it. This book is a diary of a young teenage girl and her struggle with drug addiction. First published in 1971, this book is fascinating because it follows this girl’s pre drug addiction, and the affects she suffers because of it. She truly longed for a deep, genuine relationship with someone – anyone! But it didn’t exist for her, which is truly saddening. I also realized her constant desire to connect with God, but never enjoyed one because no one talked to her about it.

I really enjoy reading diaries of people as they go through traumatic experiences (Diary of Anne Frank…); I love trying to understand people and their culture and the justification for their actions. Initially, diaries are written not to be read by anyone else; it’s so intimate and private that our most honest and personal thoughts are openly divulged when we are most vulnerable. I love the sincerity and brutal honesty that lies within the pages. This book is a prime example of a girl going through a life controlling illness; and the reader gets inside her head to identify with her joys, pains, and tragic choices she makes due to her circumstance. Kind of like the movie Girl Interrupted…but way better.

A must read for anyone who loves this sort of writing…although I do consider it a rated ‘R’ read…if there is such a thing as book ratings…

If you know of any good non-fiction diaries to read let me know…

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