My Thanksgiving Resolutions

I don't like New Years resolutions. Here are my Thanksgiving resolutions:

By next Thanksgiving I want to...

Visit Bodie ghosttown

Go to Cafe Veronese

See a screening at the Cinespia

Figure out the Dharma Initiative
Clean out my Photobucket
Go on the Pilgrim in Dana Point
Make kapusta like my grandma used too
Travel somewhere overseas
Get my bird to stop the herrendous beeping
And....start my gnome garden


Julie Hibbard said...

Can you email me Courtney's email?
I would love to have you guys over for dinner one night during the Christmas season.
I know that's not on your list of things to do...but I think it would be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I go to Cafe Veronese to do my homework a lot, it's really beautiful there.. lots of secret rooms =)

amersons said...

you can check off melting pot and overseas right now. a trip to get fondue is long overdue (like my pun?) and hawaii 3-0 is coming up!!!

Alli Hibb said...

I want to go on the skywalk too! Let's go together...we can drive out there together!