need some gum?

I love trying new gum. I think it's fascinating that there are millions of flavors of gum, and nobody gets tired of trying all the new flavors (people spend over $3.5 billion in gum each year).

There's peppermint, spearmint, fruity, beary, menthol, grape, watermelon, blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, apple, tangerine...sooooooo many flavors! PLUS -- it's good for you!

I was out to dinner with Amy tonight, and she asked for a piece of gum; she laughed when I pulled out 4 different types from my purse. We started rating each flavor. My favorite is the Hubba Bubba Watermelon Strawberry one...I give it 5 out of 5 bubbles.

I am a devoted gum fan. If a new flavor is out, there's a pretty good chance I'll get it.

Here's a short history lesson about the first bubble gum:

Chewing gum was first sold commercially in 1848 when the Curtis brothers, residents of Maine, experimented on spruce tree resin and made a sticky, rubbery material which they tried and chewed. They found that interesting to chew it and thought that it could make money for them. This was the first time in history when the chewing gum was sold commercially. Two years after their successful experiment with the spruce tree resin, which they converted into gum, they started with their first major gum manufacturing plant. They also added flavor to the gum and introduced paraffin in it to give extra soft and rubbery feel. The plant was named "Curtis Chewing Gum Factory".
If you have a flavor of gum that's your favorite, please clue me in. I would love to try it.


Alli Hibb said...

I love that new 5 gum...the green and the blue...totally love it...

I also really like Citrusmint orbit...

Courtney said...

sadly I have 4 of the gums pictured in my purse right now I wish I could have warned you about the lemon-lime Orbits...it taste like a cleaning solution.

amersons said...

i wish you would have told the part about how you rejected two of the pieces by sticking your tongue out and letting it fall from great heights to the napkin below in a dramatic fashion. because that was my favorite.

ps: i HATE watermelon-flavored gum.

Anonymous said...

You should try Vitaball - Vitamin enriched chewing gum and tastes great. This stuff should be everywhere.