a conversation

Mom: "Oooohh! Look at this one!.....Awww, this is beautiful!....Oh my gosh - someone made this! Ooooohhhhh!!!"

Ange: "Mom, what are you doing? You've been opening and putting up the same ornaments for years. You've seen all those before."

Mom: "I know, but it's like reuniting with old friends!"

I think I love my mom even more after this conversation. Then she proceeded by putting ornaments on our bird's cages so they too, could be decorated and ready for Christmas.

Oh mom...


amersons said...

you should put a voice-activated ornament on lola's cage. it would drive the bird crazy!!!!

sunshine said...

that is so awesome, i love moms.

my mom usually has me decorate because apparently i do it better, but this year was different.
she started out by "Ri, decorate the tree, I dont know where anything should go." except every time i would put something up and she would be like "Its better here" and then move it. Hahaha