Introducing: Ladlenutt

We tried to roast chestnuts over an open fire...turns out, they're actually pretty gross once you roast em.

So, Luke, Amy and I started tossing them around with ladles, and thus turned into a very entertaining game: Ladlenutt.

Rules of Ladlenutt:
1. Must use ladles.
2. Must toss large nutts.
3. Must play with at least 2 players.

How to gain points at Ladlenutt:

1. Catching the nutt: 1 point
2. Catching the nutt in a fancy way: 10 points
3. Not catching the nutt and having it crack open on the floor: -1 point

Tips for Ladlenutt:

1. Roast or microwave the nutts. The softer they are, the less likely they are to bounce out of your ladle.
2. Play with a carpet in between the players, serves as a great boundary.

Good game if you're roasting chestnuts and they turn out totally gross. And maybe a good holiday tradition to start......


Alli Hibb said...

Oh, I would really like to play ladelnutt sometime! It sounds really fun!

amersons said...

long live ladlenutt!

best christmas game, EVER!!!

PETE Di LALLO said...

In Montreal, as a kid, my parents and I ate roasted chestnuts like they were going our of style...it is an Italian Christmas tradition...after roasting them they were cut in half and the insides were eaten with a spoon...
I haven't had any for dozens of years, and frankly, I don't miss them one bit...
Happy Holidays!

Gracie said...

Ange...you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks like a fun game. We should play it at the office Christmas party next year or even better. You can buy the ladles and chestnuts as a present! I would definitely fight over that! :)

Luke St.Hilaire said...

you make it sound so organized and legitimate. it really just started as me trying to bug the crap out of you when you trying to convince me that roasting any kind of nut on christmas is a good idea

amy said...