"When I grow up I want to be a Dash." --Samsung Trace

I finally broke down and purchased a big girl phone. Now, truly, I still love my Samsung Trace; however, after missing some meetings at work....double and triple booking myself cuz I didn't have a calendar in front of me....and seeing this beautiful contraption at the Tmobile store, I decided to seek out a realistic price on ebay and purchased it.
I received it yesterday in the mail, and when I opened up the manual I took one look at this and just sighed:

I sighed for the following reasons:
1. I know myself, & I'll never ever read the owner's manual.
2. Because I'll never read the manual, I'll never know the full function ability.
3. Because I'll never know the functions, I'll inevitably get frustrated. (This has already happened MULTIPLE times...ex: not being able to enable my caller i.d., not being able to change my text function from numbers to T9...etc.)

However, I am VERY excited to have a phone that's impossible to text with while driving. No drive texting = safer roads.

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