Funeral Vehicle Enthusiast

No, I'm not talking about me. But there is this guy on my street who drives a hearse. See the glorious pictures below:
This OF COURSE brings many questions to mind....

  1. Does he work at the Haunted Mansion at dland?
  2. Where did he buy it? www.buyacreepyhearse.com?
  3. Is his lifelong dream include opening his own mortuary?
  4. Is this guy's favorite movie The Burbs?

I don't think I would drive a hearse for fun. I mean, if it were my only mode of transportation I would, maybe I would probably paint it pink and have black stripes down the middle. Or maybe I would just pimp it out like this Japanese hearse.....


sunshine said...

ew i hate those cars. the scare me. a lot.

Luke St.Hilaire said...

oh i would drive that in a second

and if that guy was around when i lived with mom, i'd probably try my hardest to hang out with him