The fax of life

When are fax machines going to be obsolete? They've been around for over 35 years, and always present a slew of problems everytime you use them. Annoying sounds, wasting valuable time waiting for papers to slide through the contraption, looking through piles of spam faxes to look for the ONE that you need – which is low quality anyways.

And since fax machines are usually company wide, you're never 100% sure if the person waiting for the fax actually receives it -- even when you include a fax cover sheet.

The worst part about fax machines is that horrific sound you hear when you call a number, and it's actually a fax number. Detestable, loud, obnoxious, irritating.

If you think about it, the initial concept of the fax hasn't changed since the early 70's, but companies have now caught onto the reality that nobody would purchase a fax machine by itself. They've combined it with copiers, scanners, photo printers, phones, etc. I think this is a conspiracy they must have with the fax guys, because otherwise these facsimile's would only be found in antique stores and ebay.

The solution? Be like the Office Space guys and trash your fax machine.
Then, scan and email.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I am amazed that DAILY someone asks me to fax something. I, personally, have not faxed anything to anyone for years...
Everything is done through email, right?
I don't get it either.