La Biblia

The more I study the Bible the more I realize I know nothing about the Bible. Granted, the more I study it the more pieces of the huge Biblical history fall into place. But there are some things that I read, don't understand, read again, and still don't understand.

All my life I've heard bits and pieces of the Bible, read parts of it, but never actually dove into the cultural context and the underlying meaning of it actually together, like as a novel or something. For me, I've taken verses for granted, and spouted them out but never realized where it fit into history.

Sure, when I got my Bible verse tattoos I knew the context and everything, but now that I've read the entire Old Testament (in a short period of time....7 weeks!), I understand it even more.

But I still don't understand it all. I think I could take Old Testament survey over and over and still be perplexed.

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