Baby It's Cold Outside

So my mobile blogging plan didn’t work out so well.

I wasn’t aware that wireless internet and tmobile
service doesn’t exist in certain parts of Massachusetts and Vermont. Here are some facts about my trip:

- I re-met a ton of people that knew me when I was super young, and they all had funny and weird stories about me and my siblings (especially Luke).
- I am one of 80 grandkids / great grandkids from Pepe (grandpa)
- Snowplowing is harder than it looks. Yes, I got to drive a snowplow after we got 15 in. of snow in one night.
- I can’t function when it’s -13 degrees. My body physically shuts down.
-My entire family shares the hereditary DNA of loudness. We truly have no idea what ‘inside voices’ are.
- I totally love love love my family. Even though I haven’t seen some of them in years, it’s like I never left.
- I haven’t kept in touch with many of my cousins over the years, but it’s intriguing to realize that some of us are in same professions and have the same passions as each other, even though we didn’t grow up with the same influences. Business…missions…church…
- We had a snowmobile party, there were about 60 people there…and it was less than ¼ of our family (aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins). I feel bad for people with small families.
- When the fridge is full…..just put it out on the porch. It’s colder outside anyways.
- My pepe was in WWII, so it was a military funeral. I will never again be able to hear a bugle play the Taps song without bawling.

Despite the initial purpose of going out there, it was surprisingly fun, exciting, entertaining, and enlightening. I took a ton of pics, and overall it was pretty rad (with a few crappy moments of course). However, I am SO glad to be back in 80 degree weather.

More pics on my facebook...


sunshine said...

so im a really big fan of the faces you make in pictures. thats what i have recently decided.

just in case you wanted to know... :]]

Janelle said...

yeah girl yeah
i really like the last picture :)

KAT said...

Ode to the loudness of our family!!!

Oh yeah!!!

Luke St.Hilaire said...

dang. i really wish i could've gone