My First Month in Ministry: Addicted to Fresh

During my first month in “real” ministry at church I didn’t do much, I was barely 20 and we had just gotten over the Y2K fiasco. I was new serving in that capacity, I wasn’t even sure what Outlook was or how to work at a desk all the time. However, one thing I did was read a great book: Leadership is an Art. Honestly, I don’t remember reading it, but I know I did.

I’m taking a class now that requires this book as part of the reading. So, I went to my storage unit and dug through my books to find it…when I opened it up I was fascinated to not only read the book, but read all the notes I wrote throughout the pages. When I first read this I was brand new in leading a team, and it’s been enlightening to read my thoughts and perceptions from back then. Even names of people, suggestions, new ideas… It was a throw back to how I first viewed ministry. I guess it’s kind of like opening up an old diary or reading your first blog entry…

I was particularly interested in readying my fresh outlook on how ministry should “be” as a newbie in ministry. I think we often get caught up in “how” we’re supposed to act in ministry, and what we’re supposed to do and not do. Reading over my little notes reminded me of the excitement of potential for service and change, and my completely untainted view on team, leadership, and loyalty. I wish I had 100 more books with my notes written in them from back then; it was so reviving and so fun!

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