Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Thank you for being so brilliant and creating Facebook, the fastest growing social media network on the world wide web.

I understand you reluctantly allowed Microsoft to purchase 5% of your business, genius since you got $10 billion dollars and are now on the top billionaires list on Forbes. Good for Microsoft, cuz heck – they had to do something good since they’re supporting the dang Beijing Olympics. But, can you do us dedicated Facebook users a favor and allow an application invite block? I mean, it’s great that we can buy/sell friends, send virtual drinks and shots, send garden gnomes and seahorses for our aquariums, throw Obama and sheep and high fives at our friends; but seriously – seriously?!? It’s clogging my notification inbox with spam invites to weird application adds to make my own pirate, ninja, or vampire, sign Hallmark cards, Lil Green Patches, and Good Karma. When you sold a portion of Facebook, did you really think it would get crazy out of control like this? Tom definitely wouldn’t have allowed this to happen.

Ange and the 8 million other Facebook users

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Julie Hibbard said...

Please just email me. So much easier.