I've never.....and I will never....

I've never flown a kite.
I've never watched any of the original Superman films.
I've never been on an organized sports team.
I've never eaten fried ice cream.
I've never been good at remembering names, birthdays, or any special dates.
I've never organized my ipod.
I've never eaten au ju.
I've never liked my legs.
I've never had an empty inbox.
I've never had an empty credit card.

I will never like Eddie Murphy movies.
I will never understand the Greenhouse effect.
I will never like snakes.
I will never go to Antarctica.
I will never buy a sandwich or burrito from a vending machine.
I will never like flavored toothpaste.
I will never have an empty credit card.


Courtney said...

Credit Cards are like friendship cards from the Devil. At first they are cool and awesome and then they drag you down to hell.

I'm not sure how that analogy worked but I hope my point got across. I know exactly how you feel and I hate credit cards.

Courtney said...
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Alli Hibb said...

Sick...a vending machine lunch should only include Doritos and Coke...

amersons said...

i will take you kite flying! i have an airplane one in my trunk right now! then i will buy you fried ice cream!

i too will NEEEEVVVEEERRR like snakes. OR like flavored toothpaste. teeth are not meant to be brushed with bubblegum!