2 Babies in 2 Days

If you know me at all...you know that I'm not a baby person. They freak me out a little. I can literally count the number of babies I've held in my life. It equals to about 5. Until yesterday. I have held 2 small babies in the past 2 days...bringing my baby count up to 7! woohoo!

This is my friend Sarah's baby -- Baron. So cute!


Gracie said...

Wow! It definitely seem like you're making progress though. The distance between the kid and you are much closer than the time you held Micah. :) Definitely an improvement!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look a little more comfortable than when you held Jenna. DDeffinate stides in the right direction!!

Carrie (your cuz, duh)

amersons said...

it is funny how you make faces at babies.

this is like your mom's twelve step program for duke, huh?