Everything in moderation

The thought of quitting my intake of Coca Cola is greatly disturbing. However, after realizing HOW much I actually drink, I've come to a compromise: decrease my coke cola intake. Everything in moderation!

Why you ask? It will save me a TON of money, help me loose weight (let's face it...if I stop drinking soda I'll probably drop 5 lbs. a day), and my teeth and bones will be stronger.

Here is my plan (starting tomorrow):

- Only one soda a day @ work (they only cost 25 cents in the vending machine)

- Drink Coke Zero at home (from the liter bottle, that way I can control how much I put in a glass)

- If I eat out, I will drink water. Or, I'll go to a restaurant that serves Pepsi -- then I won't be tempted.

If I stick to this plan, I will reward myself at the end of the week with something wonderful (not sure what it is yet --- maybe I'll buy myself these)...

Wish me luck...

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