Going Green

I've jumped on the Green bandwagon. These are things I've recently done to do my part for the environment:

1. Turn off lights more often
2. Driving less
3. Signed up on Green Dimes to stop all the flippin junk mail I get
4. Encourage my work to sign up on Green Dimes also
5. Signed a petition to stop sending junk mail.
6. Encouraged my work to stop using styrofoam cups and start using paper cups
7. Signed up for paperless billing for my cell phone
8. Organized my C drive at work so I can be more organized...therefore less paper to print
9. Will attempt to fly with United or Continental from now on since they're reducing flying speed, therefore reducing fuel and oil use.

Here are some quick green facts:

> If Americans used one less package of nonrecycled paper napkins for every home in the country, it would save 1 million trees.
> Ninety percent of the energy used by your washing machine goes to heat the water. Try the cold cycle instead.
> Producing and disposing of all the junk mail distributed in the United States each year releases as much CO2 as 2.8 million cars. A service like GreenDimes (
greendimes.com) can help you cut off junk mail almost completely.


Sanjiv said...

GreenDimes here,

Thanks so much for spreading the word to your office. Let them know there's a free option where we'll even plant a tree just for signing up.

Joe Pena said...

remember, just don't buy any screenprinted tees. its not "organic" if it has ink on it.