Hey China -- You Got What You Deserve....?

Yes, a little harsh I know.

I hate earthquakes. Today W.China was hit with a 7.8 earthquake. So far, 8500 have been confirmed dead, and that's before any building which collapsed have been cleared. The death toll could increase dramatically.

In everything that's happened over the past year with China, and the focus of their human rights violations which the Olympics have been aiming the spotlight on...it's hard not to think, "China -- you're horrible to your people, you're getting what you deserve!" But, then I step back and think of the reaction I should have as a Christian.

Yes, China sucks at treating people with dignity, love, compassion, and fairness. But, a majority of the people affected aren't the ones afflicting pain to others. In fact, a lot of them are high school students who were buried when their school collapsed. So, the answer is NO. We shouldn't say "You got what you deserve" to China. Nobody deserves that...

So, the only thing I can do is pray for China, and hope they'll step up and take care of everyone who was hurt. I also hope they'll use this opportunity to show the world they could be a caring nation and cares for their people. For ideas on how to pray for them click HERE.

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