I don't remember that I don't remember

I was at a church a couple weeks ago for this international persecution dinner thing. It was a gorgeous Angelican church in Newport overlooking the harbor. Anyways, I got a tour and on the way down the hallway I noticed this picture hanging:

I haven't seen this picture in 18 years. While growing up at my Meme's (grandma's) house this picture was always hanging in the hallway. I remember staring at this picture(s) for hours, and loved it so much.

It wasn't until I saw this again a couple weeks ago that I even remembered this picture existed. I wonder how many other things are out there that I don't remember existing...

I love this picture, so beautiful.


Julie Hibbard said...

That IS beautiful!
Absolutely incredible. I love things that make you think of the good times in the past too. Like times at grandma's house and the picture being there.
Love it

Anonymous said...

I think we had it in our house too. I'm having flash backs...good memories.