I Feel Bad for Night Owls

Because these people can't turn up music or TV really loud without disturbing neighbors or other people in the house. But morning people can do anything and not "technically" disturb anyone.

They can turn on music super loud at 6AM and you can't call the cops on them.

They can mow the lawn and trim bushes right next to your window, and you can't tell them to stop.

They can build and saw and hammer things at 5AM and you can't get pissed because it's morning and the whole world should be awake at the butt crack of dawn.

If I were to do any of these things at 11PM the outcome would not be good. So why do these morning people feel the need to wake the world with their noisy activities so early??

Good thing blogging is a quiet activity.


Butch Jamie said...

I know - morning people can be so self-righteous sometimes! They seem to have this attitude that people who sleep late are lazy and unproductive. I feel especially bad for night owls who end up marrying morning people. I hope that doesn't happen to me 'cuz sometimes love just ain't enough when it's 6AM.

andrea said...

SO true!! Our neighbor was remodeling recently and would start EVERY saturday and sunday at 6am... sawing, hammering, turning off OUR water!! Then someone told me that we CAN call the cops... it's still a "noise disturbance that is disrupting quality living conditions." I didn't do it though... cuz I didn't want to be the lazy sleeper-inner.

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! But SO true!!!

Erika Thomas said...

um ange, night owls arent' people, though.