The Low Down on Burma

Burma used to be called Myanmar. In 1989, the military junta passed the 'Adaptation of Expressions Law' that officially changed the English version of the country's name from Burma to Myanmar. That's why you'll hear it being referred to as both, but the name we should be using is Burma, you don't want to support the junta.

The Military Junta is widely accused of brutal persecutions of minority ethnic groups, religious groups, opposition groups, students and human-rights activists.
Here's the deal with the whole Burma/Myanmar/Cyclone thing:


- Last week, a cyclone hit Burma
- Between 68,000 - 100,000 people have been killed
- Hundred's of thousands peeps are left w/o food, water, shelter
- Because of flooding: houses destroyed, there is very little clean water/food, no sanitation, dead bodies floating around. This can cause MAJOR disease outbreaks!


- The Burmese borders haven't let a lot of aid to come in
- Food that has been sent by UNICEF, UN, etc. has been seized and in holding containers at airports, ports, etc.
- Burmese gov't wants aid to come in, but no foreigners
By the Burmese gov't allowing their people to die, they are essentially murdering their people.

You should pray......at Open Doors we posted a bunch of prayer points on our blog. Click here to read it, pray about it, and pass it along...spiritualcourage.wordpress.com

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