Pack Rat

I'm a pack rat when it comes to certain things. Example #1: Magazines. I don't know why, but I have a hard time throwing away magazines. In my room I have a year's worth of Fast Company, Economist, many People mag's and Lucky's and Wired, I have a bunch of special edition stuff and Newsweeks, Life, etc etc etc. In my storage I have a huge box filled with magazines during 9/11. I can find this stuff online, but I have trouble throwing them away.
It reminds me of my Pepe (grandpa), who kept every issue of National Geographic in his barn since he was like, 20. I remember pulling them out and looking at them...there were thousands...he never threw them away. I do not intend on keeping these my whole life, maybe I should set a date to throw them away. It will be a sad day.

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