This Could Be a Movie

I was really inspired when I read this story today. And I'm pretty sure this could be made into a movie, or at least a TV movie.

Here's a part of it:
"Notable happenings at Camden High School, NJ this year included a cafeteria brawl that led to the arrest of 18 teenagers and left a police officer with a bruised face, a 14-year-old boy smuggling a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets into school in his backpack, the replacement of a principal and a hip-hop fashion show that turned the auditorium into a South Jersey version of a Bryant Park tent. For the students of this troubled high school, the fashion show was the rarest of the events. Mr. Shellman explained that he and another founder of Parish, Chaka Wilson, and a stylist named China Flowers would help the students put on the fashion show on May 9, six weeks later. A runway had to be built, and the stage decorated. There were press releases to write and posters to hang. Models had to be auditioned, and stylists had to prepare the accessories. They would work in teams, and they would work quickly...."

I really like true stories like this, I can imagine myself in high school getting all excited for something like this...

Maybe Michelle Pheiffer could play the lead in the movie. Then Coolio could write a song for it.

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