Tibet Flags: Someone's gonna get fired...

What happens when you mix a growing manufacturing economy, industrial gusto, and uneducated workers with irony?

Sweet mistakes like what happened last week in China! Police raided a factory that was apparently manufacturing "Free Tibet" flags, the same ones protesters have been flying across the world, at Olympic events and in the face of frustrated Chinese authorities and their lame government. We had a ton this weekend at our protest as well, I personally think they're pretty.

Apparently the workers initially didn't know what kind of flags they were making, they just thought they were making colorful, fun flags for exporting. After seeing some flags in the paper and getting suspicious, they found out what the Snow Lion flag meant and notified authorities. (I guess flag companies aren't a part of the big shut down of factories to try and clean the air before the Olympics....)

Who has the guts to try and manufacture something like that in a country which hates them enough to put them in exile??? The workers can plead ignorance all they want, but someone had to authorize the order.

Someone's gonna get fired..........awwwwwkward.

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