Fair Weathered Fan

So even though the Padres lost on Saturday, the game was still pretty fun. I took the train down and I met a totally weird Padre fan, picture this: Padres hat, Padres duffle bag, Padres backpack, Padres jersey, Padres SOCKS, Padres shoelaces. Think I'm talking about a young kid? Oh no no no, it was a fully grown, long haired, bearded, weirdo man. He said if the Padres lost again he was going to stop being a fan. He wouldn't watch their games until they start winning. So I guess the Padres are down one weirdo from their fan base. But let's be honest...the Padres have a TON of weird fans already, I'm sure they won't miss beardy.

Here is me and Brian Giles. Hopefully on July 11th I'll get a real picture with him. (Andre -- you really need to make this happen. Seriously.)Cutest kid ever huh? And it's even more awesome that we both love Nerds Ropes. Yes, Cayden is wearing a Cubs hat..he's a little kid so he can totally get away with it.
Hanging out playing ball before the game starts...this was post Amy knocking over small children while running after the ball.

Good times at Petco Park!


amersons said...

knocking over small children?!?!?


hopefully you WILL meet giles this year. we're gonna make your dreams come true.

you forgot to talk about the awesome dance moves we witnessed from the couple sitting in front of us.

Joe Pena said...

Padre fans? I think I saw some at the Wild Animal Park in the endangered species section.