I took this trip to Garden Grove...smelled like Lou-dog inside the van.

I had to run an errand in Garden Grove last night. Quite the entertainment:

1. While trying to park in this weirdo place, I accidentally drove through a huge vintage car show. My red Hyundai SUV didn't fit too well.

2. While I was coming out of the building I saw a guy shooting up next to the dumpter.

3. As I walked to my car another car went screeching past me, 3 cops cars followed -- pulled them over, and it was a big drug bust or something. I wonder if the dumpster druggie was caught also.

4. While stopped at a stoplight I saw a huge black guy who was dressed like this: Yes -- he had feathers on his coat. Yes -- he was wearing gold chain necklaces (except he had a shirt on). Yes -- he had on a pimpin hat w/ sunglasses. And yes -- this was my favorite part of the night. This man made my little trip to Garden Grove all worth it.

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