When I was in high school my friends and I used to frequent a karaoke coffee shop called The Coffee Nut. I remember singing thousands of great and fun songs with my friends...when I think back, I'm pretty sure we went there at least once a week for a year or so.

I've realized that as I'm maturing in my age it's quite embarrassing to watch anyone sing karaoke. Even if they're not that bad, it's still embarrassing.

The last time I sang karaoke was right after I got a tattoo on my back...the plastic wrap covering it was soaked in blood as I sang a duet with some random drunk guy. It was embarrassing...especially since my sister and my friends were hysterically laughing/crying the whole time.

Karaoke = embarrassing moments = good blogs.

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Anonymous said...

heeheehee. was laughing hysterically! you also put a straw in your ear for a microphone. he took a picture. Drunk guy took a picture of sober girl with a straw in her ear....hmmm