I learned something really cool today. I can start, own, and run my own Micronation. They have often been referred to as fantasy countries, model countries, and new country projects and are unrecognized by world governments.

Here's the catch: they only truly "exist" on paper, the internet, or in the mind of a creator. And therefore maintained by a single person or a family. Most of these micronations claim to have thousands of members, but in actuality -- only have a few active participants.

The most awesome of these micronations is called 'The Principality of Sealand.' (see picture below...it's off the coast of UK)

If I were to start my own Micronation I would want to call it something really cool like, 'Angerson's Isle of Awesomeness' or 'Live Laugh Love' or 'El Secreto de la Objetivo'. It would be a democracy and everyone would drive Vespa's. We would live communely, but not in a freakish way. There would be a ton of animals and there would be badminton games during the summer and curling tournaments in the winter.

If you are interested in starting your own Micronation of Awesomeness click HERE. If you start one let me know...I think it would be cool to join 10,000 micronations by the time I die.

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The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Would there be MAYO and PEPSI?