New License Plate

I received my vehicle registration bill in the mail today; it's so great we can pay online for these type of things. Just another reason to avoid DMV Hell.

Inside my mailing was a flyer for different types of license plates. They're all pretty stupid, so I decided to forgo the lameness. Then I thought, maybe I'll get a personalized license plate. It would be great to have this on my car:
Or this:
Both are unavailable. But you know what is? This is:

This may be a winner.

PS -- If you're saying to yourself, "Ange -- just go buy one of those tiny keychain license plates. Much easier!" Well, finding the word 'Ange' in anything souvenir-ish is a challenge. In all my traveling...I have yet to find anything with my name already pre-printed on it.


Amersons said...

Who in California would have the name Angersons like you?!? We need to find her and tell her that she can't use your name like that.

PETE Di LALLO said...

I like # 1,
#2 is difficult to understand,(but then again you may have some guys pull up beside you and ask what it means)
#3 is very hip for this 'era' but may not be in a few years...it might be similar to 'right-on', or 'groovy',
or whatever was fashionable in the 70's and 80's...

Ryanne said...

Do it! I love my RYS RDE license plate.

You should get TIFFANY ORANGE on it.