Political Rumor Mill

Rumors about political candidates has always been a traditional aspect of fighting for the oval office. Normally, candidates choose to ignore the rumors. Thankfully websites like www.snopes.com catches rumors, spam email, and fake prayer requests and petitions and either lays them to rest or speaks the truth.

Obama's advertising and promotion techniques have been astounding so far, I truly believe that if Hillary had Obama's campaign team she would have nabbed the Democratic nomination.

To add to Obama's list of impressive campaign techniques, he has just launched a new site
called Fight the Smears. Fight the Smears is a site dedicated to fighting rumors floating around about him. Is he a Muslim? Is his wife racist? Will Barack say the pledge of allegiance? You can find the answers to all these stupid rumors on his site.

I wonder if McCain has a site like this...probably not. His campaign team sucks.


Joe Pena said...

if McCain's campaign team "sucks" then why is he in a virtual tie with Obama? McCain is not the typical Republican candidate and it will be a dogfight.
Cut and Paste: http://www.gallup.com/poll/107854/Gallup-Daily-ObamaMcCain-Race-Reverts-Virtual-Tie.aspx

Ange said...

Joe -- check out these: