Skype 4.0

I love Skype. I think it's great. Skype is now unveiling Skype 4.0 Beta:

"Josh Silverman, Skype’s president, says it was time to evolve Skype’s user interface. The service started out by offering free audio calls but has gradually added other kinds of communication, like video calls, file-sharing, and text chats. The main purpose of the upgrade, he said, is to bring all those modes together and make it easier to switch between them in a single conversation." --NT times

Ok -- this is supposedly "the biggest new release in Skype's history." But doesn't it seem like every other chat IM out there? I mean, through ichat you can video, talk, text, share files...etc... I don't get the hype about this.

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Cami said...

Haha, too funny!

P.S. I like your blog! I've been able to entertain myself for the past 20 minutes at work reading through your posts. :)