ange vicariously blogging through amy who is blogging vicariously through ange's blog.

this is how i know i am a good bff.

amersons here, allowing ange to blog vicariously through her as she takes a break from the world wide web.
angersons loves to write, and has convinced me to lend my voice to her bloggy bloggerson until she is able to return on monday evening.
here are some things that angersons blogs about that i will not be blogging about: lost, pretending to be in jail at the fake jail at work, liking animals, google, skype, taking pictures of animals, and new kids on the block. and lost.
tonight angersons shared with me about all of the things she has missed out in life as a result of her absence from the internet:

2 birthday parties
1 reunion
4 birthdays
1 homework assignment
1 Victoria's Secret Semi Annual sale
1 Obama scandal w/Jesse Jackson
205 blogs (so far) from her Google Reader
might i add that i think the internet misses you too, angersons?

1 comment:

Butch Jamie said...

205 blogs?? That's crazy! Do you actually read all of them?

It's also crazy that you missed out on all of those things the past six days! It's also kind of sad :( (except for the 205 blogs part - it's probably for the best that you are taking a break from all of that craziness). I hope you have found other benefits to being offline and that you've been enjoying your time doing other things.

I saw the pics of your jail at work when you posted them awhile ago, but I don't quite understand why they have that. If you ever post about it again, maybe you can tell us why they built it. It seems kind of funny, even though it is thematically related.