Like a kid in the candy store...

After Amerson's and I had some fine cuban cuisine at Habana Cabana, she took me to the new Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Aliso Viejo. If you like candy you will LOVE this place! It's this old time looking candy shoppe, with all this old school candy like bubble gum cigars, Beeman's gum, Cow Tales, Cherry and Lemonheads, candy cigarettes, Boston Baked Beans, Necco's, and so much more!

They also have a British candy section, a wall of Pez, a Harry Potter section, a card catalog cabinet full of gum, an assortment of pun intended religious candy, a Gelato bar, Presidential candidate mints, and candy movies playing on a plasma screen. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original) was playing while we were there.

Not everything was delicious...take for instance this strawberry flavored gummy t-bone steak."We ate this at space camp. Wanna interface?"
Packing those candy cigarettes.
One of the many flavors in the card catalog drawers of gum.
Everybody needs a sugar daddy.

So much fun! I highly recommend it!

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